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Dahlia Acres Farm

About Us

We are a family farm.

Dahlia Acres Farm is a small dahlia farm located in Allendale, MI. We sell our dahlias locally as cut flowers from July through early October. We also sell other fresh flowers, such as; sunflowers, zinnias, snapdragons, eucalyptus, gladiolas, celosia, statice, bells of Ireland, ornamentsal kale, and more. This is our second growing season for dahlias but grew up farming produce and other fresh cut flowers on our family farm. We sell to local Florists at wholesale prices. We do not ship our cut flowers or deliver them. You must be within driving distance if you are considering our dahlias.

Dahlia tubers will be available for sale May 1, 2017. We will not be shipping tubers this year. Bulbs need to be picked up at Dahlia Acres Farm in Allendale, Michigan.

We sell our fresh flowers at farmers’ markets in West Michigan, as well as, at Dahlia Acres farm in Allendale.

  • Grand Haven farmers’ market on Wednesdays and Saturdays from June through October.
  • Muskegon farmers’ market on Saturdays from July through October.
  • South Haven farmers’ market on Saturdays from August through October.
  • Spring Lake farmers’ market on Thursdays from June through October.


Fun on the Farm

Bouquets & Bottles

This summer we introduce- Bouquets & Bottles

Join us in making a beautiful bouquet!

Bring a friend and a bottle of wine, and try your hand at making a floral arrangement. We will be demonstrating throughout the event, but it is up to you to get creative. We will provide all you need for your arrangement, a vase, all the cut flowers you will need, and scissors.

We will also have light snacks and bottled water...

The cost is $35 a person. Class sizes are 15-20 people.

Reserve your spot by:
call/text Marcy: 616-834-2672
email: dahliaacres15@gmail.com

Payment requested at RSVP- checks can be mailed to
Marcy Krause
7577 Buchanan Street
Allendale, MI 49401

Questions welcome here, or through Marcy's contact information as above.

Available dates for July-
July 24th (Monday) 6pm-8pm
July 29th (Saturday) 11am-1pm
July 31st (Monday) 6pm-8pm
Future dates to be added.

You may also inquire about a private party!

Some of our creations

Bottle and BouquetsBottle and BouquetsBottle and BouquetsBottle and BouquetsBottle and Bouquets

Buying Information

Cut Flowers Buying Info

We are open to the public Monday-Friday from 9:00am - 8:00pm, starting August 1, 2017 through mid-October, 2017. Please call ahead to make an appointment. For driving directions, see the Contact/Directions link.

We can provide you with outstanding, fresh-cut dahlias that will be sure to impress your clients! Our season for cut flowers is July-October.

How to make a cut flower appointment

If you are interested in ordering our dahlias as cut flowers in July through October 2017, we would like you to call Marcy (616) 834-2672 or email Dahliaacres15@gmail.com. Please note that we do not ship our cut flowers. We do not require a deposit, but please inform us if you need to change or cancel your order. Full payment is due at the time of picking or pick up.

We are happy to cut your order for you! Otherwise, you can pick your own flowers. We will teach you how to cut them when you arrive for picking. Either way, you must have an appointment to pick or to pick up.

Important information about how to order your dahlias:

  • Our dahlias come in white, burgundy, maroon, orange, pink, yellow, red, coral, peach, purple and purple and white bi-color.
  • Please order mainly by color/size. If you know the name of a specific variety you would like, you may request it by name. We will check if it’s available for you, if it’s not, we can suggest something similar.
  • Our bloom size are approximately as follows:
    Smalls are 2-4 inches
    Mediums are 4-8
  • You will have to estimate the number of dahlias you will need in each color and size.
  • Example: (80 small white, 40 medium pink, 20 yellow).
Dahlia Acres Farm

Dahlia Pricing:

We Cut: $1.50

You Cut: $1.00

We also offer mixed boquets at retail and wholesale prices. Please call for prices.

Helpful Tips

  • If you are picking your dahlias, wear clothing and shoes that can get dirty. It’s often very wet in the mornings, rain boots/pants are helpful to keep you comfortable.
  • It takes longer than you might think to pick orders. The farm is 7 acres and it takes a while to walk between varieties so plan enough time for your visit.
  • Bring water to drink if you plan to be at the farm for a while. It can get very hot in the afternoon.
  • The best time to pick is mid-morning or after 4:00pm during the summer.

Don’t Forget to Bring:

  • Buckets, bring more than you think you will need. Short buckets like car washing buckets work well. Water will be provided.
  • Pruning shears or quality scissors, if you are cutting your own.
  • Payment, please pay by cash or check at the time of pickup. A receipt will be provided.


Grow your own

Taking orders now!

Bulbs available now!

Email us at dahliaacres15@gmail.com or call Marcy at (616)834-2672 with your order request.
Bulbs will be $5 each or 3 for $12.

We sell many varieties of Dahlia bulbs so you can enjoy watching your flowers grow up. Pictures of the bulbs we sell are to the right, and care instructions are below.

Care of your bulbs:

Dahlias love sun. Place root on its side about 4 inches deep, in a sandy well drained location. Use 5-10-10 fertilizer a few times after the plant is a foot tall. Water once weekly. Remove dead head flowers to encourage blooming. Blooms from August until frost.

Bulbs need to be dug up for the winter. Store in a dry, dark 40-45 degree location.


From Grand Rapids:
Take Lake Michigan Drive west to 78th Ave. Turn right (North) to Buchanan street turn right go about .5 miles We are on the left.

From Detroit:
Take 96 west to Exit 16 (Eastmanville exit). Turn left on 68th ave (South) to Warner street. Turn right on Warner. Take Warner to 74th Ave, turn left on 74th Ave. Take 74th Ave to Buchanan street and turn right. Dahlia Acres is about 0.5 miles on the right.

From Kalamazoo:
Take 131 North to M6 West to Hudsonville exit 32. Turn right on 32nd street to Chicago Drive. Turn left (West) to 48th Ave. Turn right (North) to Lake Michigan Drive. Go West to 78th Ave and turn right (North) to Buchanan street turn right go about .5 miles. We are on the left.

From Muskegon:
Take I-96 east to Coopersville exit or exit 16. Turn left (South) to Warner St., then right (West) to 74th Ave., then left (South) to Buchanan St., then right (West) .05 miles on the right.

From Chicago:
Take Interstate 94 East to Exit 34. Take I-196 North to US 31 North. Take US 31 to Lake Michigan Drive Right (East) to 78th Ave. Turn left on 78th Ave to Buchanan street. Turn right (North) to Buchanan street turn right about go .5 miles We are on the left.


Contact Us

Feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions.

Dave (616)550-9052
Marcy (616)834-2672

Dahlia Care

“Anything in life worth having is worth working for.”

Dahlia flowers come in a variety of colors and shapes. They are beautiful blooms but do require more care than other flower types. We want to share our dahlia care and handling tips.

  • Dahlias will hydrate better in warm water. Make sure your vase is clean and filled with at least 3”-4” of warm water.
  • Carefully separate the stems and remove any lower foliage that would fall below the water line.
  • Give each stem a clean diagonal cut. Cut at least 1” off each stem and quickly place in water.
  • Recut the stems and change the water daily. This will prevent bacteria from forming and clogging the stems.
  • Keep dahlias in a cool area, away from direct sunlight.